Packing & Fulfillment
Packaging Services:

          • Automated Jewel Case
          • Automated DVD Casing
          • Automated Shrink-wrap
          • Automated Cartoning
          • Automated Sleeving

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Media Direct has access, and keeps up-to-date on all of the latest packaging items including; Paper, Plastic, Metals, Wood, PVC, and Recycled Material.

Fulfillment Services

Media direct offers a wide range of fulfillment services. These services are provided as a compliment to the other primary services that we offer. Materials management, sourcing, warehousing, pick-pack and ship are available on a program by program basis. We understand that each client has unique requirements based on their supply chain experience and sales strategies. We offer fully scalable, customizable programs that can efficiently and cost-effectively manage a wide variety of business requirements

We can warehouse and secure any kind of inventory, from high-value consumer goods to aircraft parts.

We can manage any kind of volume, from an average of 500 orders per day to 70,000 orders per day on behalf of a single client.

We can respond to any kind of unique program need, from time-definite spare parts logistics to kitting & assembly.

We can work with any kind of carrier, from LTL to next day delivery.

Direct Mail

Media direct specializes in using media as part of your direct mail campaign. We can manage full integrated marketing campaigns. From web page creation, tracking, list management, response management, tracking,etc.

We're experts on postal rules and regulations, presorting, and postage discounts, so you'll get the best possible mailing rates.

Because content-heavy projects are often more economical on disc than on paper, we offer several lightweight, custom CD-ROM and DVD packages designed specifically for mailing, including a selection of jackets and wallets. We also print postcards, letters, and sell sheets and personalize them with anything from marketing key codes to usernames for subscription and membership programs.
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