Digital Video Brochure
Increase your presence and maximize your promotional dollar using the Media Direct Digital Video Brochure.

Here's why you need to include it in your marketing strategy:

Three days after a presentation people retain...

• 10% of what they hear
• 35% of what they see
• 65% of what they see and hear!!!

Media Direct Digital Video brochure combines video and audio capabilities for a captivating and memorable presentation.

Ideal for fund raising, promotional marketing, direct mail, magazine inserts, education and training, corporate reports and POP retail.

Allows you to create high response, high quality, captivating, informational video presentations for your brand or product - and to be in thousands of places at once.

Available in many shapes and sizes, your Media Direct representative is ready to help you get started with your new presentation today!

Call Media Direct at 503-313-0676 or email today for pricing, and take advantage of this innovative, compelling presentation tool.
Your Digital message for you company all from Media Direct specialists in marketing materials generation on DVD or CD in CD replication or DVD replication.
Digital Video Brochures are a fantastic way to present your company!
Digital Video Brochures show case your company or product like nothing else in the marketing space.
Watch our Digital Video Brochure Video!
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