DVD Replication
Media Direct delivers the finest DVD replication available in North America.  Our factories utilize the latest molding, bonding and printing technology.  We offer Rotary Offset as well as standard Silkscreen printing on the face of the DVD.  Rotary Offset Digital printing is also available if your project requires mass-customization.  With daily replication capacity approaching one half million DVDs, we offer rapid turn around times, outstanding electro mechanicals, unmatched print quality, and exceptional customer service. 

Our factories are very efficient, allowing us to offer inexpensive DVD replication for large volumes.  Our customers rely on us to deliver fast, inexpensive , value-driven custom DVD replication and manufacturing.  Most clients depend on us to deliver original DVD package design, DVD replication, DVD assembly, warehousing, fulfillment, and reporting.

Our entertainment clients rely on us for DVD’s in a novel package that stands out on the shelf, delivered quickly and accurately.  They are not burdened with inventory, and can fill their clients PO within the time frame specified.

We provide DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18, and Blu-Ray.

Blu-Ray Replication

Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a next-generation optical disc format meant for storage of high-definition video and high-density data. The Blu-ray standard was jointly developed by a group of consumer electronics and PC companies called the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA).

Blu-ray gets its name from the shorter wavelength (405 nm) of a "blue" (technically blue-violet) laser that allows it to store substantially more data than a traditional DVD.

DVD Replication Formats
          • Blu-Ray
          • DVD-ROM=DVD 5
          • DVD-ROM=DVD-9,
          • DVD-ROM=DVD-10
          • DVD-ROM=DVD-18
          • DVD-R=Write Once Recordable Media
          • DVD-RW=Re-Writable Media
          • DVD+RW= Re-Writable Media
          • DVD+R= Write Once Recordable Media
          • DVD+R DL= Dual Layer Write Once Recordable Media
          • DVD-RAM= Re-Writable Media

We are DVD replication experts, we work with a wide variety of clients from large to small.  If you are producing a DVD, call us.  We will provide the best solution, or we will refer you to the best solution in the industry.  We have built our business by delivering on the promises that we make to our customers, so you in turn can deliver on the commitments that you give to yours.  Our experience has confirmed that building “best in class solutions” for our clients, insures our long term success.  Call us today.

We look forward to working with you on your next custom DVD replication project.  Please call us in Seattle at (503) 313-0670 or in Portland at (206) 919-0480.
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