Copy Protection

Macrovision has been an industry leader since VHS. Macrovision inhibits Internet File Sharing and Analog duplication. Macrovision's copy protection is transparent of viewing but prevents unauthorized copying on DVD recorders and distorts copies made on VCR's and D-VHS recorders. It is detected by compliant PC's and PVR's and will not allow the user to copy the disk. Most major titles released in North America, Europe and Japan have been copy protected.

Macrovision technology is activated when you instruct your authoring facility to set Macrovision copy protection control bits to "on" during the authoring process. These activation bits remain a part of the program through the mastering and replication stages. The activation bits then instruct and integrated circuit within the playback device to add Macrovision copy protection to the outgoing analog video.

CSS (Content Scramble System)

CSS provides encryption in addition to Macrovision for a more robust copy protection solution.


Safedisc is used to protect CD titles. It requires users to have an authentic disk in the PC at all times. SafeDisc defends against disc copying by encrypting the program executable in an access control wrapper. That requires authentication against the SafeDisc signature to run. Consumer optical disk writers are incapable of duplicating the SafeDisc signatures.
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