Art File Submission
How to Submit Artwork

Art files can be submitted to Media Direct a number of different ways. Files can be received via any method of physical deliverable, including:

          • CD-R
          • USB
          •  E-mail your Media Direct representative
          • Via FTP upload - see FTP upload instructions

Artwork is accepted using the following programs:
          • QuarkXpress
          • Adobe Illustrator
          • Adobe Photoshop
          • Non Modifiable, Color separated, PDF
          • Word
          • Publisher

Rotary Offset Printing

The vast majority of CDs and DVDs that we produce utilize rotary offset printing. This allows us match face art to to paper and corrugate collateral pieces with extreme accuracy. Resolutions are comparable to standard rotary offset printing on paper.

Moir’e Patterns

At pre-flight, films are set to a consistent angle. Moir’e is caused by conflicting factors at certain stages of the screen printing process. A correctly printed halftone image will be seen with the naked eye as a circular pattern of dots. Moir’e is an optical illusion which is created by the interference of incorrectly aligned halftone dots on printed discs. Typical offset angles are 0, 45, 90, and 105.

UV ink is used in the CD and DVD printing process. The ink is chemically formulated to polymerize when exposed to intense UV light. The ink is laid down onto the disk and then cured before it moves to the next color station.

Both Silk Screen and Rotary Offset printing utilize the Pantone Matching System (PMS).
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